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Absolut / Paranoid - Jawbreaking Mangel Devastation (12” 45RPM)

Absolut / Paranoid

Jawbreaking Mangel Devastation

Format12″ 45RPM
Label Beach Impediment / Brain Solvent Propaganda

ABSOLUT (Canada) and PARANOID (Sweden) team up to unleash this split 12” of JAWBREAKING MANGEL DEVASTATION! Artwork by the legendary Japanese hardcore punk artist SUGI. ABSOLUT plays devastating HC punk influenced by late era Cimex and other punk bands with a metal tinge to them. The vocals on this are relentless. PARANOID hailing from Sweden have members from many other Swedish kang bands and are in my opinion one of the world’s best current punk acts. Taking influence from the countless raging Swedish bands they grew up with but also taking plenty of cues from Japan and combining them into a barrage of intense hardcore punk that will leave you numb!

(Description from Beach Impediment’s website)