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Bl’ast - Blood (12” LP)



Format12″ LP
LabelSouthern Lord

“Blood!” is an alternate version of Bl’ast’s 1987 LP, “It’s In My Blood”, remixed to included to included the guitar tracks of William Duvall, who was briefly the band’s 2nd guitarist and played at the original sessions for the album, although his guitar tracks were removed after he left the band. The album also includes “Your Eyes”, which was recorded at the same sessions but not included in the original vinyl pressing of “It’s In My Blood”, instead being released on the “School’s Out” 7” (the entire 7” was included on the CD pressing of “It’s In My Blood”). A limited red vinyl pressing of “Blood!” comes with an additional 7” that includes the other tracks from the “School’s Out” 7”, covers of Alice Cooper’s “School’s Out” and the Germs’ “The Slave”. These songs are not included on the CD or black vinyl issues of this record. There is a Japanese release on CD were both songs are included.