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Leviathan - Leviathan (Box Set, Compilation, Limited Edition 5 × Cassette, Limited to 300(3 in stoc



FormatBox Set, Compilation, Limited Edition 5 × Cassette, Limited to 300(3 in stock)
Label Hammerheart Records

Limited to 300 copies, each containing five music cassettes

The Tenth Sublevel Of Suicide
1 Introit
2 Fucking Your Ghost In Chains Of Ice
3 Sardoniscorn
4 The Bitter Emblem Of Dissolve
5 Scenic Solitude And Leprosy
6 He Whom Shadows Move Towards
7 Submersed
8 Mine Molten Armor
9 The Idiot Sun
10 At The Door To The Tenth Sub Level Of Suicide
Tentacles Of Whorror
1 What Fresh Hell
2 Heir To The Noose Of Ghoul
3 Cut, With The Night, Into Mine Heart
4 A Bouquet Of Blood For Skull
5 Deciphering Legend Within The Serpent’s Briar
6 A Necessary Mutilation
7 Vexed And Vomit Hexed
8 Tentacles Of Whorror (Revel The Tyrant)
9 Requiem For A Turd World
10 Blood Red And True Part: 3 (Plummeting Obscure)
11 Mouth Orifice Bizarre
12 The History Of Rape
A Silhouette In Splinters
1 A Silhouette In Splinters
2 It Comes In Whispers Part: 2
3 Blood Red And True Part: 2 [A Spell To Vanquish Sea Serpents]
4 Traveling Over The Ocean’s Skull
5 Particular Dis-Ease
6 Shimmering With Horn Of Woe
Howl Mockery At The Cross
1 Summoning Lupine
2 Lycanthropus Rex
3 The Axis And Maw Of Inferno, Mine
4 Where Annihilation Dwells
5 Liar Of Nazareth
6 Just Under Tainted Grace
7 S.W.O.L. (2001)
8 Never For Peace
9 Those Slimy Things
10 Nothing Changes
Massive Conspiracy Against All Life
I Vesture Dipped In The Blood Of Morning
II Merging With Sword, Onto Them
III Made As The Stale Wine Of Wrath
V Receive The World
VI Vulgar Asceticism
VII Noisome Ash Crown