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Norilsk - The Idea of North (12” LP)


The Idea of North

Format12″ LP
Label Sunmask War On Music
Catalogue No.WOM075
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Norilsk - The Idea of North (12” LP)

Difficult to define, the massive debut full length from Quebec’s NORILSK lurks transcendentally in a post-space between the typical guiding lines of death, doom & black metal. The album’s purity, its absolutely conservative methodology, clashing with newer, progressive ideas, allows it to sound traditional but also like a completely new experience of sonic language. Delivering a mysterious, heavy, slightly bizarre and desolate work, The Idea of North is a strange album depicting bleak vistas; its fuzz uplifting, its growls and sad lullabies dispiriting – and when mixed, they herald a new dawn for doom/death metal. Gatefold LP on Black Vinyl, Split release with Sunmask Records Strictly Limited To 300 Copies Worldwide.