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Paradox - The Demo Collection (12” Double LP)


The Demo Collection

Format12″ Double LP
LabelFloga Records Floga Records

The German band Paradox formed in the mid-eighties and released two thrash metal albums in that era, the first (Product Of Imagination) a rather pedestrian affair that clearly showed early Metallica influences, and the second (Heresy) improving the songwriting significantly while still remaining in the thrash metal realm. The band presumably disbanded soon after that, as they were not heard from for almost a decade, until guitarist Charly Steinhauer brought together a new lineup, and that lineup released Collision Course in 2000. Since then the lineup has changed again, with the Holzwarth brothers out, bassist Armin Donderer (who played with the band in their early days) in, and the search on for a new drummer and vocalist (Steinhauer will remain as guitarist but can no longer sing, for medical reasons).