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Various Artists - Oi! Ain’t Dead 7 (12” LP)

Various Artists

Oi! Ain’t Dead 7

Format12″ LP
Label Rebellion Records

–Savage Beat Stop Trying 2:36
–Savage Beat Revenge 2:25
–Savage Beat Don’t Hide Your Hate 1:26
–Live By The Sword Fire 3:55
–Live By The Sword Pawns In Their Game 3:15
–Live By The Sword Rats And Snakes 3:00
–The Reapers (4) Thought Control 2:50
–The Reapers (4) I’ve Had Enough 3:05
–The Reapers (4) Self Destruction 2:17
–Complaint That’s No Punk 1:52
–Complaint Leave Me Alone 2:34
–Complaint Take A Stand 1:36
Bonus Track
–Razorblade New Dawn Rising